It is an interesting story on how our company started in June of 2007. Over a period of time, I had acquired quality photography equipment, primarily for nature and wildlife as a hobby. I decided to go to one of the Alleghany Mower Racing Association (AMRA) events in Sparta to take some pictures of my brother Darrell competing. While I was there, I took some pictures of other competitors that I knew. I made a picture CD of the event and when some of the racers viewed them, they inquired about me attending the next race.


I decided to attend the next event which was in Galax, Virginia. I did basically the same thing at that event and made another picture CD. It did not take long to see I was investing alot of time and money and getting nothing in return.


That is when this site was created. Photography is still a just a hobby, but this allows me to get a return on my investment, while providing for future equipment upgrades. I did not start this venture with the intention of a second income. I enjoy the challenges that I have been presented and offering a product that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to get.
I am blessed to be a native to Alleghany County and grow up in this wonderful part of the world. As a photographer, there is an endless supply of scenes and subjects to capture.

As we develop and grow, we may be looking to expand the type of events we will cover. At this time, we are covering some local events, motorsports, and nature and wildlife in northwest North Carolina.


I sincerely appreciate everyone that has supported or advertised for me since 2007.


Thanks Again,

Tom Edwards

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